EUH 2000 - 08. The Vikings OL

EUH 2000 - 08. The Vikings OL - o beer • Food – grain...

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09. The Vikings Invasions of the 9 th and 10 th Century o Magyars Battle of Lechfeld (955) – Magyars defeated by Germans Say they are sorry and convert to Christianity o Vikings Law Thing system – gathering of the tribes in order to bring the Vikings together o Every man had to take part in the thing o Became a festival and market The lovsigemann – law reader man Religion Germans – not a real moral code – more honor – there are gods but ignored them Reputation – honor - all about getting one-up on someone Class 7 classes o 1) The trell - slave o 2) The løysing - slaves who bought their freedom 3) 2 nd generation o 4) The farmer o 5) The Leiding - tenant o 6) The hauld – free holder – noble aristocrats o 7) The Chieftain – not hereditary, based on honor, age, and battle skills Society Home – sod houses, some wooden houses, o One long open space (could put dividers) Extended family o Some had running water o Bath houses – baths on Saturdays
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Unformatted text preview: o beer • Food – grain growing, fisherman, hunters, mushrooms • Women and family o Woman ran the household o Skjoldmø – shield girl, carry a warriors shield into battle o Married between 12 &15 Can divorce • Without a reason = no property • Babies stay with mother, grown children split up 1 Raiding/War – because they could, almost always successful • Ships – Drakeen (dragon head) (40-100 men) o Sea Worthy and trade down rivers • Types of Raids - • Spoils - • Settle down o England Alfred the Great • Is able to stop the Vikings (878) o Frankish lands Normans Rolf o Ireland Dublin – founded and became a major trading city o Iceland and further West Shows that they are good business men – switch the names of Greenland and Iceland o Constantinople Never successful Always paid off o Russia 2...
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EUH 2000 - 08. The Vikings OL - o beer • Food – grain...

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