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EUH 2000 - 09. Agriculture_Towns and Trade OL

EUH 2000 - 09. Agriculture_Towns and Trade OL - Escheated...

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09. Agriculture, Towns and Trade Agriculture o Harvesting Carucca – new, heavier, thicker plow Aratrum - lightweight plow, Italians, for thin soil Tandem harness – side by side Shoulder harness – put harness around horses’ shoulders so they could pull with their body power Horse shoes – if a horse stepped on a rock their hoof split o The watermill o The windmill o Three field rotation – plant a different crop or no crop Legumes – give nutrients back into the soil Feudalism o The Vikings – pushing everyone together o Pyramid Kings Nobles – given land by king so he will fight o Knights – buy armor, very expensive to be a warrior Peasants – gave land for protection o Primogeniture – the land can only go to one child Relief – son has to pay taxes to the king in order to keep the land
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Unformatted text preview: Escheated – king gets the land back o Violence Peace of God – you cannot attack clergy, nuns, or the poor Truce of God – directing days you can fight – no x-mas, Easter, Sundays o Chivalry – no ambushing, no attacking from behind, etc. Honor The Veneration of Mary – treat all women like you would treat Mary, objectifying women Heraldry Tournaments • Melee • The Joust o Feudal Women o The contract Serfs Corvées Bannum Banalités Banal system/Seigneurie/Manorial system • Manor House 1 • Peasants • Bailiff • Towns o Time frame o Trade Axes of Trade o Portus o Expansion o Usury 2...
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