EUH 2000 - 11. State Formation OL

EUH 2000 - 11. State Formation OL - gets some of the lands...

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11. Medieval State Formation France o Hugh Capet (987-996) – wants to be king, no one really paid attention to him except for the church Capetians - what his kingdom was called Île-de-France – lands surrounding Paris o Louis VI the Fat (1108-1136) Start to call favors from the church, pushes the idea of people coming to him to solve their problems, does not make land or political gains o Eleanor of Aquitaine – originally married Louis the VII, then married Henry the II o Phillip II Augustus (1180-1223)
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Unformatted text preview: - gets some of the lands from England, and starts to make political gains o Philip IV the Fair (1285-1314) – French kings ruling over everything that is French, strengthening, consolidates • Holy Roman Empire – at its height it had over 300 territories o The Game of Thrones - • Spain o Isabel and Ferdinand – bring Aragon & Castile together by marriage o Charles V – Ways to make a kingdom-Compromise-Conquest -Marriage 1...
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