EUH 2000 - Before the Romans

EUH 2000 - Before the Romans - • Selected at a young age...

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03. Before the Romans Celts o Terms Keltoi Celtus o Geography o Gallic o Scandic and Germanic o Hallstatt Period (750 – 450 BCE) Culture o La Tène period (450 – end of 1 st century BCE) Culture o Celtic expansion Cisalpine (Transalpine) Gauls o Agriculture Oppida Hillforts/Dun o Celtic lifestyle Chieftains War 3 classes Warrior aristocracy Intellectual class Everyone else o Economy Trade o Women Had a higher status in society and more freedom Making the decisions for the villages while the men were at war Could engage in war and become King Trained to fight to defend homes o Celtic art Naturalistic, does not portray people Animal or geometric, threes o Religion 1
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Polytheistic – 200 or so named gods Animism – nature worshipers (Sacred Oak) Fire – seen as a cleansing ritual Tradition of a Christmas tree Did not practice human sacrifice Druid or druidae (knowledge or son of the Oak)
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Unformatted text preview: • Selected at a young age • Perks of being a druid o Exempt from fighting o Tax exempt o Position held for life o Priests, judges, sacrifices, teachers o Organized religious ceremonies o Kept Calendar – Needed to be manually adjusted every 4 years o Women could become druids • Etruscans (1200 - 100 BC) o Location – Italian Peninsula o Associated themselves with their city-states o Society/Government King (Priest, lead general, judge) for a couple hundred years • Aristocratic class and poor class Praetor (elected annually) • Still does not lead on his own o Community of elders that keep him in check o Only aristocratic class can run and vote Everyone else o Economy Agricultural • Olives, grapes, grain Trade • Provided wine to Celts • Large deposits of iron, tin, etc. 2...
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EUH 2000 - Before the Romans - • Selected at a young age...

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