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EUH 2000 - Test 2 - Study Guide - Tyrrhenian Sea Rome is 18...

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Tyrrhenian Sea – Rome is 18 miles from sea Tiber River – shallow enough to trade Remus and Romulus - Offspring of the god of war Mars with Virgin - Found by a she wolf and nursed by she wolf - Fight with one another - Wanted to name the city after themselves, climb to a top of hill, and a group of birds circle Romulus, and kills Remus Sabian Women - Anyone who comes to Rome become a citizen (criminals-men) - Sneak into city of Sabia and steal women o Women rush out and say they had fallen in love with their captors Tarquin I - Set up a forum where they could discuss laws - Assassinated Tarquin the Proud - Collected a lot of taxes o Built bath houses but was only open to upper class - Overthrown by Brutis Latium - Under Control of Rome o Primarily farm land o Spoke Latin language/ had same culture/allowed to be citizens of Rome Samnites - hill dwelling people – Apennine mountains Civitas sine suffragio - citizens without the right to vote Punic Wars – against the Phoenicians Carthage – had control of western Sicily, pirates took over Messina and they called for help Hannibal - military leader of Carthage - Crossing the Alps - in the middle of winter, used elephants, 30k men Battle of Zama - Hannibal’s forces are crushed and Rome signs a peace treaty w/ Carthage – got Spain, Hannibal’s head Patricians – aristocracy (50 individuals – 1/10 of property owners) Plebeians - middle class (property owners – pushed for more rights – went on strike) Consuls - one Patrician one Plebeian, elected annually Senate (300) – property owner, elected, can later become a consul Tribunes (10) – all Plebian – make sure consuls are in check Plebian Council - Plebeians Proletarians - workers, lowest of society, majority of population Plebiscites - laws that they pass, eventually applicable to all Romans Tiberius Gracchus - Reform – gives land to the poor - Promises to shorten military service, give citizenship to those conquered, - Killed on steps of senate house by patricians Gaius Marius - General
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- Goes to the poor and asks them to serve in his military, pays with his own money, no longer attached to Senate o Promises land and money o Land is in Africa - 107 BC – wins the vote to be consul o Reelected 6 times Social Wars - allies that have not been granted full citizenship rise up to attack Roman Legions - 300k killed that would have normally fought for Rome
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EUH 2000 - Test 2 - Study Guide - Tyrrhenian Sea Rome is 18...

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