experiment #4

experiment #4 - Experiment #4 Interaction of Light with...

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Experiment #4 Interaction of Light with Matter: Beer's Law Kevin Falting Chemistry 107-529 October 5 th , 2009 Lab Partner: Zach Thomas Summary: The lab today was the interaction of light with matter in trying to derive Beer's Law. We started by setting up our experiment with a red laser with a wavelength of ~675nm. In part A of the experiment we looked at the affect of path length on light absorption. We used 0.3M copper sulfate. We tested the laser by itself, then we added one cuvette and measured the illumination, adding up to five cuvettes in the path of the laser. We did find that adding a cuvette decreased the illumination. In part B of the experiment, we looked at the effect of solution concentration on the illumination. We started with 0.25M copper sulfate, and deluded it up to five times, measuring the illumination with each deluded solution. We found that as you dilute the solution, the illumination increases, suggesting that the energy of the laser was not being absorbed as before, and passing through much more easily. I then
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experiment #4 - Experiment #4 Interaction of Light with...

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