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Experiment #5 - Experiment #5 Construction of an Alien...

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Unformatted text preview: Experiment #5 Construction of an Alien Periodic Table October 21 st , 2009 Kevin Falting Zach Thomas David Mendoza Spencer Wietz Chemistry 117 – 529 Introduction Results Discussion/Conclusion We started by finding all the non-reactive gases which the description described them as almost totally unreactive, and placed them in the far right column of our periodic table. This represents a full electron shelf and their electro-negativity is nearly zero. These alien elements: Hartite, Humptite, Ballonlite, and Website, resemble very similar properties to our Earth Noble Gases. We then examined Table three, Formulas and Properties of Some Alien Compounds, and focused on the Aggiegenide acids and their boiling points. This table was separated into three groups which represent the different bonds with Aggiegenide. The elements Bb, Ka, and S, have a 2- charge. The elements B, Br, and Gl, have a 1- charge. The third group of elements, Fa, G, K, all have a 3- charge. We put all the 1- charge elements in the column to the left of our noble gas all have a 3- charge....
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