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Conceptualizing the Meaning of GEOGRAPHY According to one knowledgeable non-geographer, "Geography is the science of place. Its vision is grand, its view panoramic. It sweeps the surface of the Earth, charting the physical, organic and cultural terrains, their areal differentiation, and their ecological dynamics with humankind. Its foremost tool is the map." (Leonard Krishtalka, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, as quoted in Terry G. Jordan, Mona Domosh, and Lester Rowntree, The Human Mosaic; A Thematic Introduction to Cultural Geography , 6th ed. (New York: HarperCollins, 1994), p. 2) There are numerous definitions of geography and many misconceptions. Geography is not just the memorization of place names and it is not just map-making though both of these activities most certainly are important. Students often try to grasp at a definition using a familiar stem, "geography is the study of. .." and insert such descriptors as landscapes, mountains, climates, rivers, and people among others. While a definition of this field of study no doubt includes such subject matter, it is essential for the student to understand geography's unique way of studying the world.
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WHAT%20IS%20GEOGRAPHY - Conceptualizing the Meaning of...

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