Activity_test_review_sheet - Adduction: Moving toward...

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Review Sheet for Sports Conditioning – Activity Test Chest Exercises Flat Bench Press Incline Press Dumbbell Flyes Back Exercises Deadlifts Single Arm Bent Over Rows Double Arm Bent Over Rows Lat Pulldowns Bicep Exercises Standing Dumbbell Curl Seated Dumbbell Curl Incline Dumbbell Curl Preacher Curls Tricep Exercises Single/Both Arm Overhead Extensions Dumbbell Skull Crushers Tricep Kickbacks Shoulder Exercises Military Press Front Raises Lateral Raises Shrugs Leg Exercises Squats Lunges Calf Raises Terms Repetition (Rep): One complete movement Set: Number of reps without stopping Rest: Brief pause between sets Flexion: Making angle of joint smaller Extension: Making angle of joint larger Abduction: Moving away from middle of body
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Unformatted text preview: Adduction: Moving toward middle of body Muscle Contractions Isotonic: Tension within the muscle increases; muscle shortens and there is joint movement with shortening of the muscle; the exerciser controls the speed; most common contraction Isokinetic: Resistance provided throughout entire range of motion (ROM) with force being applied Isometric: Produce tension on muscle but no joint movement Health Related Fitness Components Cardiovascular Fitness Muscular Strength Muscular Endurance Flexibility Body Composition Skill Related Fitness Components Agility Speed Power Reaction Time Balance Coordination...
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Activity_test_review_sheet - Adduction: Moving toward...

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