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EXAM II STUDY GUIDE FOR HEALTH & FITNESS Exam Format: 40 Multiple Choice Questions – Test Value 20 points ………therefore, each question is worth .50 point!!!!!!!!!!!!   Question  format is similar to first test. Make sure you bring a ES-882 (green) scantron and a No 2 pencil to the exam. The test will be on the lecture day posted on your class schedule!!!!!! Pay attention to “re-define” days so you don’t miss the exam!!!!!! Chapter 9 – Alcohol Study the Alcohol worksheet that was completed in class Chapter 9– Tobacco & Drugs Know the toxic components in tobacco products and how they harm the body Know the health risks involved with Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco Be familiar with the different Psychoactive Drugs, what category they are (i.e., stimulant, depressant, hallucinogen, cannabis, narcotics, inhalants) Chapter 8-Sexuality What to know about STI’s – know which ones are viral, bacterial and parasitic; know which ones can be fatal and the
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