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Jacob Zipperstein April 30, 2009 Abstract # 5 – Spring Tests of Causal Links between Alcohol Abuse or Dependence and Major Depression The idea that alcohol abuse or dependence (AAD) is frequently comorbid with major depression (MD) is expressed and reinforced in the introduction. Statistics showing that both AAD and MD are caused by common underlying genetic environmental factors are analyzed in depth. The idea that the fixed-effects regression model can be applied to longitudinal data on singletons is briefly stated. However, this model does not address the issue of confounders that may vary over time. The idea that AAD and MD are reciprocally related to each other by a feedback loop in which AAD increases risk of MD while at the same time MD leads to an increased consumption of alcohol is expressed and reinforced. The idea that the data used for this study was gathered over the course of a longitudinal study in which measures of MD and AAD were obtained at regular intervals is covered in passing. A table showing an autoregressive model of major depression and
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Abstract #5-spring - Jacob Zipperstein Abstract 5 Spring...

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