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bio med project - Jacob Zipperstein H Bio Med Career...

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Jacob Zipperstein H. Bio Med October 20, 2008 Career Research Project Define and Describe the Sub–disciplines of science that are a part of your topic? A neuroscientist is an individual who studies the scientific field of neurobiology or any of its related sub-fields. They are scientist who study the nervous system, including the neural basis of behavior; parts of the nervous system such as the visual or auditory systems; the function of groups of neurons (nerve cells); what individual neurons do; what happens at the synapse; ion channels in a neuronal membrane; and the genetic basis of neuronal function (medterms.com). The scientist that I interviewed, Julie Schnapf, currently works at UCSF and is primarily involved in the research of the visual systems. What is the exact nature of the work involved? Give detailed examples, including commonly performed protocols; include science behind at least one commonly performed protocol. When neurobiologists are working, they are conducting researches to further advance the scientific knowledge in their specific field. Getting sufficient results takes time. Regardless of the experiment, a neurobiologist will never find the answers they are looking for overnight. A common protocol is to perform experiments multiple times in order to make sure that the findings are accurate. Currently, Dr. Schnapf is working on a project with many other neurobiologists about how signals from our red, green, and blue cones are combined to encode color. She has repeated the same experiments multiple times in order to make sure that her results are satisfactory. One of the most commonly used tactics that a neurobiologist will use is to take findings from other scientist’s experiments to help them further their own research. Usually neurobiologists publish their findings in order to help other scientists in their same field. Dr. Schnapf just published some key discoveries on how photoreceptors function in human eyes. It is expected that another scientist in her field with use those findings to further his or her experiments.
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Name and describe 2-3 professional organizations for which membership is common.
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