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Cancer reflection Paper - however I had no idea that the...

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Jacob Zipperstein Reflection Paper Out of the four members in my group, I was chosen to do assignment III which is to explain cancer treatments currently under study. This particular task was self- explanatory and I didn’t have much trouble finding three treatments currently under study that had to do with a specific cancer. The studies I found didn’t mean too much to me, I assumed that there would be numerous amounts of studies currently ongoing, so I just picked three random ones. What did impact me the most were the results from topic I. Topic I dealt with the top ten cancers that effected the human population in 2007. I was astonished by the numbers and percents that Jones and Jason researched and found. Obviously, I knew that cancer’s attacked and tormented humans across the globe,
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Unformatted text preview: however, I had no idea that the number of humans effected in 2007 would be so high. My grandmother just passed away about a few months ago from Lung Cancer, and to research statistics and look at treatments currently understudy for this particular cancer was interesting and had a significant impact on me. Doing this portfolio, Matt M shared a lot of information with me on his topic, topic II. The genetic tests and genetic screening that is used for cancer is amazing. The technique and equipment that is used to look at DNA is fascinating. Over the remainder of this class, I plan to frequently look at new results from specific studies that I found interesting while researching treatments currently under study....
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