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Unformatted text preview: Cancer Informational Portfolio [60 Points] much was made of the thoughts he had in time all was forgotten 11/08 Honors BioMed 1 Redwood High School Directions: 1. Work in groups of 4, or 3 if need be. 2. Of the major topics listed below, two group members will need to work on Topic 1 while the other two topics each become the responsibility of a single group member each. Furthermore, the responsibility for the introduction must be agreed upon. 3. After each topic has been thoroughly researched, write a final draft report that must include parenthetic citations, and an annotated bibliography for each section. Although the organizational format must follow the topical outline provided, the manner in which the information is formatted is up to you. Nonetheless, the format must reflect a high level of competency with respect to research, writing, and organization. s pecial note: an annotated bibliography is a list of resources used and/or cited, featuring a short paragraph for each...
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