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Final Statement This project made it possible for me to step inside the shoes of a clinical physician as well as research scientists. On both occasions, I felt at home. This experience made me appreciate the art of science to levels that I didn’t think were obtainable as a teenager. I’d say that Dr. Goldstein and the patient-doctor interaction made me realize just how much more I wanted to be a doctor. The people that I had the privilege of working with were unique in that they became their profession gfor themselves, and no one else. Dr. Goldstein gave me a very beneficial lesson when he told me that if I wanted to pursue a medical education that I should make sure I am doing it for myself, and not just so I will have a Dr. in front of my name. He also jokingly added that becoming a doctor for the ladies will never get you far in life. While he laughed at his own joke, I seriously thought about the advice he had given me. I think that besides all of the scientific facts and experiments I learned over the course of my 20 hours, the thing that affected me the most
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Unformatted text preview: was Dr. Goldstein expressing that I should become a doctor for no one but myself. When you think about it, there have got to be hundreds of Doctors that have chosen their profession for the popularity. I luckily, shadowed to doctors who both do what they do for themselves. While working with Dr. Schnapf, I got to take a look at the behind the scenes. The experiments that you dont see while at a hospital. The scientific experiments that she conducts are truly fascinating, but I feel I would be better suited as a clinical doctor. I was positive in the fall semester that I wanted to do something with my life in the field of medicine. I think that this project pushed me towards the side of being a physician as opposed to a scientist. Reflecting on the hours I spent with both individuals, I can now excitedly look forward into my own medical career with many new tricks I learned from both of them....
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