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Job Shadow Assignment 1/09 Honors BioMed 2 Redwood High School he variety of placements you have to choose from to begin this assignment are many. You must find a person working in a field related to the content of this course and arrange to spend some time on the job with that person. With respect to medical doctors, certain types of doctors are appropriate, while others are not; this also applies to certain clinical lab technicians. The goal you are expected to meet is to spend time with someone who works in a laboratory, or uses specialized skills and/or equipment to treat or diagnose patients. This assignment can be used to further your knowledge about a career choice you are considering for yourself or to simply further your understanding regarding the vast industry of biotechnology in combination with biomedical sciences. You will be given an initial period of time to research your possible job shadow opportunities. During this time you should be making contacts, and gathering preliminary data on those contacts that have been positive and receptive. Your first due date involves submitting a short proposal listing information about one or more opportunities you have secured. You must keep a log of the time you spend at your site. The log, to be turned in, should be word-processed and
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JobShadowAssignment - Job Shadow Assignment Honors BioMed 2...

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