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Reading Log chapter 6
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Jacob Zipperstein Chemistry 3 rd November 27, 2007 Reading Log: Chapter 6 The Periodic Table and Periodic Law Section 6.1 Antoine Lavoisier – 1790’s – compiled a list of 23 elements known at his time John Newlands – 1864 – English chemist proved that when elements were arranged in increasing atomic mass, their properties repeated every eighth element. Lothar Meyer – 1896 – German chemist with Russian partner Dmitri Mendeleev demonstrated a connection between atomic mass and elemental properties. Mendeleev shaped the first periodic table – leaving blanks where elements should go Henry Moseley : -1913- disapproved Mendeleev order of his periodic table. He arranged the atoms in increasing atomic number instead of atomic mass. Elements with similar properties are in the same row. 1. H 8. F 2. Li 9. Na 3. G 10. Mg And so on… Periodic Law : There is a periodic repetition of chemical and physical properties of the elements whey they are arranged by increasing atomic number
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