Cars_1_ - Now of course there are some kids who drive...

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Cars If there is one idea I hold  above all other things, it is  that old people should not  drive cool cars. When I see  a senior citizen driving in a  1962 Corvette, I get totally  ticked off. What pushed  me over the edge and  drowns me in the water,  though, is that when they  get out of the car they need  to limp to the trunk to get  their walking sticks. If you  have walking sticks you  shouldn’t get a sweet car  like that. Those cars are  meant for people who just  got their license and need  to impress girls with it. I  don’t see old guys driving  around with an awesome  car just to pick up ladies.  It’s common knowledge  crappy cars go to the old  people and the cool cars go  to kids that go to bars. 
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Unformatted text preview: Now, of course there are some kids who drive around in little old beat-up wagons, like this boy I saw earlier this week. He must’ve been no older than 16, and drove up to a little café on the south side of the town my sister lives in – I was there on a visit. He parks his piece on the road, walks in, and orders an omelet. This really stood out in my mind, because he’s halfway through his omelet when a police cruiser rolls up and makes a call. I see him slip out the back door, but that’s another story. Point is, old folks, if you’re going to get a sweet car, donate it to a kid like this who needs it. Gary Frydender-Writer for the Daily Planet...
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Cars_1_ - Now of course there are some kids who drive...

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