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Detailed_Site_Description - once in a while there are a few...

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Jacob Zipperstein Mrs. Rubio Science 10-25-05 Detailed Site Description The area that I chose has many ecosystems within a mere 1600 meters. There are many interesting features located in my site. There is approximately 75% water, 7% weeds and grass, 5% trees, 5% bare grounds, 3% man made structures, 5% bare ground. There are not that many signs that indicate that wild animals inhabit my area, but
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Unformatted text preview: once in a while there are a few. For example there is a log that is stuck in the mud in front of the water with bird droppings on it. There are about 7 bird droppings on this log. Also my area is right next to a dog path, and there are always dogs fesses in my site. Mostly dried up and hard. But sometimes I will see a fresh one. So I know that birds, and dogs inhabit my site....
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