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Max this is the key to open the rock of health, you must end this war, be careful, set us free. I was running fast, faster then I have ever ran before. I didn’t know why I was running, maybe I was running towards somewhere, or maybe even away from someone or something. I didn’t care what it was. I just kept running and looking over my shoulder in case someone was following me. For all I could tell all I could see behind me were the trees that covered the forest. I just kept funning hoping that I would be okay. All of a sudden, in the distance, I saw a waterfall. The noise of the waterfall was so powerful it vibrated my eardrums. I ran faster to get to the waterfall hoping I could find out why I was running once I got there. I kept running, but it felt like the waterfall wasn’t getting any closer. Eventually I reached the edge of the cliff and peered down to the bottom of the waterfall. The bottom of the waterfall was far below me, it was very hard to see what was at the bottom, but I could make out that there were sharp rocks at the bottom. “It would hurt to fall from this height,” I said. Before I could look up, I felt a sharp pain come up on my back, I didn’t know what hit me until a hand shoved me off the cliff, I started to fall, and as I was falling. .... I sat up straight panting heavily. Sweat was pouring off my face, I was on the ground next to my bed, I must of fallen of my bed,” I thought to myself. I got up, got dressed and was about to go to the restroom when I remembered that dream that I just had. “I wonder what the dream mean,” I pondered that thought for a while. Minutes later I heard my mother call my name, Maximillion, Maximillion. That is my name, but i prefer Max. My last name is Reynolds, Max Reynolds. As I was stepping out of my room my brother raced passed me and almost shoved me over by accident, he flew down the stars jumping three steps at a time, I followed him at a hurried pace, unfortunately I could only reach two steps at a time, but I got there in time. My brother was two years older then me at a wonderful age of 17. His name was Edmond Reynolds and I truly admired him. I saw my mother hunched over crying on the kitchen table. The kitchen table was cracked just like everything else in this house because my family didn’t have enough money to purchase nice items, we had to get used items. The bad thing is that the only used stuff people sell is usually crap. My mother started to speak in between her frantic breaths. It was hard to
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hero%5B1%5D[1] - Max this is the key to open the rock of...

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