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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Rwanda There are many interesting and fascinating topics about the country Rwanda. Rwanda is located in Central Africa, east of Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rwanda is slightly smaller then Maryland and is at these coordinates: 2 00 S, 30 00 E . Africa is know for its Human Rights. There was one tragic event which occurred in Rwanda. This took place in 1994 and was a mass killing of people. This mass killing is known today as the Genocide. Rwanda uses its environment for many things. Rwanda is practically covered in grassland. 40.54% is arable land, 12.16% is permanent crops, and 47.3% is used for other things. There are many hills in the grassland, and small farms extend over the rolling hills. It is great for the cattle of the farms, and for the crops to grow. Rwanda is also know as “Land of a Thousand Hills.” There is a bad side to the geography though. There are many volcanoes spread around Rwanda mostly located in the northwest. The drainage
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Rwanda -...

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