Common Ions and Polyatomic Ions

Common Ions and Polyatomic Ions - (bicarbonate ion commonly...

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1 CH301 Common Simple Cations and Anions Cation Symbol Name Anion Symbol Name H + hydrogen ion H hydride Li + lithium ion F fluoride Na + sodium ion Cl chloride K + potassium ion Br bromide Cs + cesium ion I iodide Be 2+ beryllium ion O 2– oxide Mg 2+ magnesium ion S 2– sulfide Ca 2+ calcium ion N 3– nitride Ba 2+ barium ion Al 3+ aluminum ion Ag + silver ion Zn 2+ zinc ion Cd 2+ cadmium ion Common Type II Cations Ion Systematic Name Older Name Fe 3+ iron(III) ferric Fe 2+ iron(II) ferrous Cu 2+ copper(II) cupric Cu + copper(I) cuprous Co 3+ cobalt(III) cobaltic Co 2+ cobalt(II) cobaltous Sn 4+ tin(IV) stannic Sn 2+ tin(II) stannous Pb 4+ lead(IV) plumbic Pb 2+ lead(II) plumbous Hg 2+ mercury(II) mercuric Hg 2 2+ mercury(I) mercurous * Note that mercury(I) ions always occur bound together to form Hg +
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2 Names of Common Polyatomic Ions Ion Name Ion Name NH 4 + ammonium ion CO 3 2– carbonate ion NO 2 nitrite ion HCO 3 hydrogen carbonate ion
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Unformatted text preview: (bicarbonate ion commonly used) NO 3 nitrate ion ClO hypochlorite ion SO 3 2 sulfite ion ClO 2 chlorite ion SO 4 2 sulfate ion ClO 3 chlorate ion HSO 4 hydrogen sulfate ion (bisulfate ion commonly used) ClO 4 perchlorate ion OH hydroxide ion CH 3 COO or C 2 H 3 O 2 acetate ion CN cyanide ion MnO 4 permanganate ion SCN thiocyanate ion (COO) 2 2- oxalate ion PO 4 3 phosphate ion Cr 2 O 7 2- dichromate ion HPO 4 2 hydrogen phosphate ion CrO 4 2- chromate ion H 2 PO 4 dihydrogen phosphate ion O 2 2 peroxide ion AsO 4 3- arsenate ion Note: The following halogens can form polyatomic ions in the same manner as chlorine: BrO hypobromite ion IO hypoiodite ion BrO 2 bromite ion IO 2 iodite ion BrO 3 bromate ion IO 3 iodate ion BrO 4 perbromate ion IO 4 periodate ion...
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Common Ions and Polyatomic Ions - (bicarbonate ion commonly...

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