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Quiz 10 - Quiz 10 a.Franklin b Griffith c Avery d Pauling e...

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11-07-08 Quiz 10 a.Franklin b. Griffith c. Avery d. Pauling e. Hershey/Chase 1. Used protease and nuclease enzymes to deactivate proteins and DNA, respectively. 2. Obtained data that revealed the helical nature of the DNA molecule. 3. Used P and S radioisotopes to specifically label DNA and proteins, respectively. 4.Observed benign bacteria were transformed when mixed with dead harmful bacteria. 5. The enzyme that first unwinds the DNA helix at the replication forks is,,, . a.DNA polyase III b. helicase c.DNA ligase d.DNA polyase I e. topoisomerase 6. The enzyme responsible for assembling the primer to begin DNA replication is.. .
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