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Another Example Exercise 4.25 from Cohoon and Davidson: Develop and implement a class Date that represents a date. A Date object should have 3 attributes: day of the month, the month, the year. The class should provide the following constructors: a no argument constructor that configures a new date that represents January 1, 2000. a constructor that configures a new date with the day, month and year as parameters. The class should provide the following behaviors:
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Unformatted text preview: • int getDay(): returns the day of the associated date. • int getMonth() • int getYear() • void setDay(int d) • void setMonth(int m) • void setYear(int y) • String toString(): returns a text representation of the Date object. Also write a DateTest class that creates several Date objects using information which is read from the user, and prints a String representation of each date....
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