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HI 330 syllabus - HI 330 001 Women Work Family in European...

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HI 330 001: Women, Work & Family in European Perspective Fall 2009 Professor Tolpin Office Hours: Tues., Thurs., 5:00 – 5:45 and by appointment Office: AAC 123 781-891-2508 e-mail: [email protected] (see next page in re “Communication”) Course Description : This course will provide an historical overview of women in European history from the Middle Ages to the 21 st century. It will ask: 1.) What work did women do or what were they expected to do? 2.) What roles did women play within and outside family structures? 3.) What relationships existed between women’s family and work lives? 4.) What ideas existed about women and what ideas did women have about themselves, their work, their roles? There will be some review of general historical material, especially for the early periods. Course Objectives : 1. to know the major outlines of the history of women in Europe 2. to understand some ways (categories) by which to analyze the think about women’s history 3. to be acquainted with major issues raised with regard to women’s lives 4. to examine specific instances of women’s actual education, family and social roles, work situations, political participation or cultural productivity 5. to inquire what our attention to gender can add to the categories of class, place and time to tell us about the full historical picture of women and men Required Books : 1. Kinnear, Mary, Daughters of Time: Women in the Western Tradition 2. Power, Eileen, Medieval Women 3. e-reserves (see Blackboard) These are an integral part of the course. Very few printed books are required, but students are required to read material posted on Blackboard via e-reserves. Generally, starting on 10/1 response pieces are based on the Xeroxes or e-reserves postings with Kinnear only as background. Before 10/1, use Medieval Women or Kinnear. Required Projects, Exams : The graded projects for this course will be: 1. midterm – objective questions & essays 25% 2. final -- objective questions & essays 25% 3. oral history, interview & resulting paper 25% 4. participation, including 2 response papers 25% and discussion of their topics Total 100% 1
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HI 330 001: Women, Work & Family in European Perspective Fall 2009 Participation includes: attendance, attention, preparation and discussion in class. Students are expected to come on time and remain for the entire class. Exceptionally poor participation may reduce the final grade below the grade point average actually achieved. More than four absences for any reason may result in a failing grade, regardless of grade point average. Oral history project : For this project, you will interview a woman you know or find, the older, the better who lived in the first (long) part of her life in Europe (not an American or Asian who lived in Europe for a while). But, there are some new concepts of “European” – or are there?
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