Dispositional optimism

Dispositional optimism - -After first year of college...

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Dispositional optimism – expectation that good events will be plentiful in the future and those bad events will be rare in the future - Patrick was given every opportunity when he was younger to succeed and so he believed that it would always happen like that - Teachers let him slide - Got the girl friend easily - Approval from his dad - He had nothing to worry about and so no reason to believe otherwise. Self-efficacy – confidence he has in his ability to perform the actions needed to achieve a specific outcome - Had no reason to doubt himself in his youth
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Unformatted text preview: -After first year of college, levels were shot-Created the confidence inside of himself so that he could still achieve the goal-When he got older, he realized that not everything he believed he had achieved was necessarily all by his own accord-Shot once again until he talked to his dad and realized most was what he, not his dad, had done Optimistic Bias – leads people in general to ignore or minimize the risks inherent in life or to take more risks that they should-His transition from high school (easy) to college...
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