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FYSSyllabusfall09 - S taff Inst ructor Name Andrew...

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Staff Instructor Student Instructor Name: Andrew Shepardson Name: Wondha Cadet Title/department: Dean of Student Affairs Class Year/Major: Junior Managerial Economics Campus Address: Student Center 330 Campus Address: FAE 300 Office phone number: 781-891-2161 Campus phone number: 508-292-5482 Email address: [email protected] E-mail address: Office Hours: 8:30AM-4:30PM Call: 781-891-2161 C OURSE G OAL The First Year Seminar has been intentionally designed to assist you with your adjustment to college life and to increase the likelihood that your first and future years will be academically and socially successful at Bentley University. C OURSE D ESCRIPTION Using group discussions, the seminar is designed to facilitate the intellectual, social, and personal transition of students into the world of higher education at Bentley University. The introduction of academic planning, academic expectations, student responsibilities, group process, and individual learning styles will provide a framework for successful intellectual/academic development. The course is designed to establish a foundation for personal/social development. C OURSE O BJECTIVES To develop a community of learners who are socially accepting of each other and who are committed to living in an environment that values learning and cultural diversity. To help you balance the freedoms and responsibilities that are part of university life.
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