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Syllabus Bentley University EXPOSITORY WRITING II   • SPRING 2010 EXP201 Section 21 AMERICAN MULTICULTURAL EXPRESSION Professor Nina R. Schneider Office: MOR 104 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: Tues. 3-4 pm and by appointment Office Phone: 781-891-2697 Texts: The Story and Its Writer. Compact 7 th edition , Ann Charters, ed. Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri A Writer’s Reference. 6 th ed. Diana Hacker (used copy is fine) Additionally, materials on Electronic Reserve can be accessed on our class’s Blackboard site. You must print these materials and bring hard copies of them with you to the appropriate class meetings as directed. Supplies: 3-ring notebook, 3-hole punch Flat 2-pocket folder (full name/class section on cover) stapler a college-level dictionary and thesaurus COURSE DESCRIPTION AND GOALS LSM in American Perspectives Service-Learning 4 th credit option Expository Writing II continues to focus on critical thinking and writing, with an emphasis on research skills. While this is not a literature class per se, we will read selected contemporary short fiction to gain insight into the American multicultural experience. We will also read news articles, non-fiction essays and critical analysis. The class will explore individually and in small groups various themes of multiculturalism in the United States. Class time will be utilized in informal writing, lectures and discussions. Lively discussion of assigned reading is encouraged as we seek connections between the writer and life experience, such as the individual and community, men and women in relationships, family conflict, and the challenges of immigration and assimilation. Cultural and economic issues affecting race, class and gender will also be considered. Students will continue to strengthen skills to develop and support a main idea (thesis statement) using evidence from the readings and outside sources as well as logical reasoning. Students are introduced to all aspects of writing a research paper: narrowing down a topic and developing an arguable thesis, locating information,
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summarizing and analyzing print and internet sources, and citing according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) system. Each student will draw on prewriting strategies and drafting, revising, editing and proofreading skills to write one short essay. Students will also write an annotated bibliography and one research paper (10 pages) that incorporate information from multiple outside sources. Writing : Each essay assignment will be sequenced the following way: exercises lead to the creative development of a draft essay, which is then peer-reviewed and finally revised for a final paper. Do not summarize each reading, but come up with an original interpretation or argument using evidence from the text and, when required, your own
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EXP201syllabus - Syllabus BentleyUniversity...

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