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Philosophy 101 Syllabus - Philosophy 101: Problems of...

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Philosophy 101: Problems of Philosophy and Negotiation Bentley University Dr. Nicolas Rofougaran Spring 2010 SYLLABUS I. Description and objectives This course is an introduction to the basic notions and thinking processes of philosophy. Negotiation, however, is the lens through which this course approaches philosophical issues. As a negotiator in any situation my dilemma is the following: in order to create value, I must reveal information about my interests, but revealing my interests can put me at a disadvantage in distributing value. Indeed, striking a balance between effective strategy and truthfulness is also an ethical challenge. We will explore issues of negotiation ethics in business, problems due to adversarial science in environmental disputes, and questions posed by the social impacts of negotiation, in order to discover the main theories of philosophy in ethics, epistemology, and political philosophy, respectively. The objectives are threefold: 1. to become better thinkers through an acquaintance with philosophical reasoning and argumentation insofar as these processes can be actually used in everyday argumentative situations, such as negotiations. 2. to be
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Philosophy 101 Syllabus - Philosophy 101: Problems of...

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