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1 (Social) Info Visualization • Information visualization in general • The Baby Name Explorer • What social visualization adds • What is “social enough”? • Translucency versus plausible deniability • Critical mass and dominant voices • Doing a 10 min. presentation (in 10 min!) Napoleon’s March (Minard through Tufte) Information visualization • Roots in Stu Card’s work (and stil going!) ScentIndex and ScentHighlights: Productive Reading Techniques for Conceptual y Reorganizing Subject Indexes and Highlighting Passages; Ed H. Chi, Lichan Hong, Julie Heiser, Stuart K. Card, Michel e Gumbrecht – Ben Shneiderman also a major player • Interactive, visual data exploration Presidential tag cloud FilmFinder TreeMap of the market marketmap /
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2 NameVoyager • A list of possibilities • Summarization/aggregation
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socvis-6-up - (Social) Info Visualization Information...

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