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Experiment 5 - Experiment 5 Emission Spectroscopy Author...

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Experiment 5: Emission Spectroscopy Author: Anu Venkatesh Lab Partners: Jerek Carroll, Robert Hacker, and Caroline Idicula Instructor: Jie Min Chem 151, Section 82 Date Work Performed: October 01, 2009 Date Report due: October 08, 2009 Abstract: Using Emission Spectroscopy this lab proved the validity of the Bohr model, as well as the validity of the Rydenberg equation and the performance of the instrument primary through calculating standard deviation which in this case was as low as .01733%. Also two of the four unknown sparklers were identified with the appropriate cation ion via wavelength comparison. The Pink one was identified as KCl or BaCl_2 (K+ or Ba2+) because of the wavelength 766.0nm and the Blue one was identified as CaCl_2 (Ca2+) because of the 489.0nm wavelength. The remaining two were inconclusive because a unique enough wavelength was unavailable.
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Introduction: In this lab, the experimental objectives were to learn to calibrate the spectrometer and identify wavelengths of hydrogen and helium, to determine the accuracy of the Rydenberg equation by using concepts like relative deviation between experimental and theoretical data. And finally, to identify the ions responsible for the various colors emitted by the sparklers, which served as the unknown. The Rydenberg equation relates quantum level to the wavelengths which are relative to hydrogen, it especially looks at quantum levels close to n=2, which is also associated with the visible spectra, and specifically Balmer series, which will be further
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Experiment 5 - Experiment 5 Emission Spectroscopy Author...

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