MIS Homework #3 - WINDOW ON ORGANIZATION The main...

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WINDOW ON ORGANIZATION The main organizational differences between Mexico’s and Canada’s e-commerce compared to those of the US are mainly influenced by the taxation systems those three countries use, i.e. external factors such as the government procedures and restrictions on money flow. As seen in the case Canadians are spending less on e-trade compared to the US and Mexico, mainly because they[Canadians] have less income and therefore can spend less cash on internet shopping. Another key factor is the shipping costs Canadians are not willing to pay in order to get the product delivered to their door. Although Canada’s adult internet users outnumber the people using Internet in the States, the e-commerce is not as developed and reliable as one would expect it to be. Main reason could be the deficient implementation of a successful internet stores. Forzani Group tried building an e-commerce enterprise, but shortly after it was forced to be discontinued due to the low interest. Apparently the cultural factors play a significant role in the e-commerce life of the Canadian people. Nevertheless, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) fails to succeed when it comes to e-commerce between Mexico, the United States of America, and Canada, leaving some
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major questions to be asked. The main factor causing NAFTA to fail in the field of e-commerce, and not only, is that each and every
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MIS Homework #3 - WINDOW ON ORGANIZATION The main...

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