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Simeon Simeonov ID 100045353 WINDOW ON ORGANIZATION CEMEX is clearly using advanced e-technologies to manage its business. On the question how CEMEX digitally transformed the means it runs its business, there is one of two ways for describing its progress. One would be by explaining the effect on cost reduction from using e- technologies, as in this case GPS and global management information system, and the other one would be the cause, which led to using such kind of e-technologies for running one’s business. Let’s focus on why would companies as CEMEX go for the digital technology, putting behind the old means of organizing and managing the company? The answer simply would be to gain competitive advantage. By using advanced for its time technologies as GPS tracking systems and international delivery management systems, the company is financing in intangible assets, innovating its technologies, and hence reducing the cost per unit. The strategy that CEMEX had was very smart back in 1985 to actually look at how already successful logistic companies do. Lorenzo Zambrano was very insightful to research in the area of logistics in companies such as FedEx and Exxon, as CEMEX’s 40 percent of its cost were based on fuel and coordination expenses. 1
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Let’s now take a look at the technological tools that CEMEX uses to improve its services and reduce the costs. GPS tracking is very powerful when it comes to locating every single shipment. Ground Positioning System gave the power to CEMEX to actually reschedule and redirect every package delivery in case of
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Homework #1 - Simeon Simeonov ID 100045353 WINDOW ON...

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