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Chem 215-216 HH W10 Quiz 1: January 15, 2010 Name:_____ key ____________________ Lab Section: Mon; Tue AM; Tue PM; Wed (circle one that applies); GSI ______________________ I. (14 points) Identify the indicated pairs of hydrogens in each of the following compounds as (i) homotopic, (ii) enantiotopic, or (iii) diastereotopic Hs. Write the answers as (i), (ii), or (iii). Also write the number of unique Hs and Cs for each compound. O O H 3 N H H a H b CH 3 H 3 C H H 3 C O O CH 3 H 3 C H a H c H b H d H x y H a H b CH 3 CH 3 H d H c Homotopic, enantiotopic, or diastereotopic? How many unique H's and C's? H a and H b : _______ xCH 3 and yCH 3 : _______ (a) Number of unique H's: ________ Number of unique C's: _________ (b) H a and H b : _______ Number of unique H's: ________
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Unformatted text preview: Number of unique C's: _________ H c and H d : _______ H a and H b : _______ H a and H c : _______ H b and H d : _______ H a and H d : _______ Number of unique H's: ________ Number of unique C's: _________ (c) (iii) (iii) (i) (i) (iii) (ii) (ii) (iii) 7 6 3 3 5 4 II . (6 points) For each of the following pairs of compounds, match the expected IR wavenumbers for the C=O bond stretching vibration absorption to the wavenumbers given. H O N O O H O O CH 3 H O H O (a) 1727 or 1703 cm-1 (b) 1708 or 1690 cm-1 N H O CH 3 Cl O (c) 1800 or 1660 cm-1 1727 cm-1 1690 cm-1 1708 cm-1 1660 cm-1 1703 cm-1 1800 cm-1...
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