2-3-10 - -given cartoons asked to either clench pen with...

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Notes 2-3-10 psych of emotion Scenario of pushing the fat man into train to save 3 people and whether it is moral. After making people watch SNL, they were more likely to say yes Guilt—causes people to donate to charity or help people more even if it has nothing to do with guilt. Washing their hands made people feel less guilty or less likely to donate than those who didn’t wash hands after feeling guilty Doy Cohen: Pissing people off in lab Southerners reacting with anger more easily… -fill out a questionnaire that asks you offensive questions -interactive games: Ostracism: 3 people throwing the ball, and then two just throw to each other; third person is just standing there. Directed Facial Action If you put your face in an emotional state, you can start feeling that emotion. The muscles associated with certain emotions can feed back into your system. 1988 Strack, Martin Stepper
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Unformatted text preview: -given cartoons; asked to either clench pen with teeth or hold pen with pursed lips; they rated comics as funnier when they clenched pen with teeth (same muscles as smiling) Lecture 4 Pt. II: Current Theories of Emotion Appraisal Theory Approach-you are sad because you have evaluated your life in a certain way; appraisals about environment; appraisals can be made at varying levels of consciousness. Ex. Is there impending danger? –then feel fear; is there a blocking of goals?—then feel anger Basic Emotion Approach-focused on facial expression of emotion Dimensional Approach-emotions are the labels we decide to put on various states-emotions are continuous, not discrete-Arousal (high vs. low)-Valence (positive vs. negative) “Strong” Evolutionary Approach Cognitivist vs. non Function/evolutionary vs. social construction Discrete vs. dimensional...
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2-3-10 - -given cartoons asked to either clench pen with...

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