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Psych 3850 Exam 1 Review The format is 25 multiple choice (Scantron--remember to bring a pencil) and 3 pages of short answer. On average people seem to complete the exam in about an hour or less. Remember-- the readings from the book are just as likely to be covered on the exam as the stuff from lecture. (Reminder--Readings: Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12. Lectures: Lectures 1-9. All the lecture slides available on Blackboard). The following are some topics you should be familiar with--but please keep in mind that it ʼ s not an exhaustive list. (That is, these things are likely to be on the exam but other topics that are not mentioned here may be as well. So please don ʼ t -only- study up on what ʼ s mentioned here.) -What sorts of philosophical/historical forces caused emotions to remain understudied by psychologists for so long? -What are the primary criteria people have proposed for deFning emotions, and the problems inherent to trying to come up with an adequate deFnition? -Know the basics of the main theoretical approaches discussed and what distinguishes them
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