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1a. If the dominant dark color allele is represented by letter C, than the dark individual may have the genotype of CC or Cc. 1b. If an individual species is light in color, than it is homozygous recessive cc. 2. The lightness as was described is considered a recessive trait; therefore, if an individual is light, which is the case with the father of the family, than his genotype must be homozygous recessive. The darkness of the skin is a dominant trait. If the mother’s genotype was homozygous dominant (CC), than all of the
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Unformatted text preview: children would have dark coloring; however, this is not the case. One of the children is light the other is dark. The first child is light, so obviously he must have homozygous recessive genotype (cc). The second one, the darker one, can be either CC or Cc. But because there is only one dominant allele C present in the parents’ genetic pool, than this child must be heterozygous. C c C CC Cc c cC cc I figured this out by drawing the square. This is the square that I used. As you can see cc has 1/4 possibility, so 25 %....
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