Homo erectus - -Low, flat forehead-Large, continuous brow...

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1. Homo erectus - Cranial capacity is 750 – 1250 cubic centimeters - Low, flat forehead - Thick, continuous supraorbital torus; brow ridges extend as a bar - Reduction of teeth size compared to Australopithecus, but larger than Homo sapiens - Angular occipital above which is a horizontal bar of bone, which is called an occipital torus 2. Homo neandertalensis - Cranial capacity ranges between 1300 – 1750 cubic centimeters.
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Unformatted text preview: -Low, flat forehead-Large, continuous brow ridges-Large, projecting front teeth-Projecting occipital bun 3. Homo Sapiens-On average 1350 cubic centimeters of cranial capacity-Vertical forehead-Slight or absent brow ridges-Relatively small teeth-Rounded occipital region...
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