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Practice Final P ROBLEM 1: a) State the conditions necessary for radiation of EM waves. b) Show that positive charges moving at constant velocity do not produce a radiating EM waves. c) What is the nature of the EM wave field in part (b)? P ROBLEM 2: Consider an electromagnetic generator, comprising a rectangular loop rotating at a rate of ω rad/s. The total flux linkage Φ is given by a) Plot of Φ (t). b) Plot the generator voltage as a function of time if the loop is rotating a rate of 3000 revolutions per minute and Φ o =10 -3 Wb. P ROBLEM 3: The instantaneous electric field in a lossy medium is given by, (a) What is the instantaneous magnetic field H ? (b) How much power is collected by a 2 cm 2 detector at a distance of 1 km from the origin. P ROBLEM 4: A parallel plate capacitor, filled with a dielectric that has a conductivity σ=10 −4 Sm -1 and a relative permittivity of 9, is a driven by a sinusoidal source at frequency f. The plates have area S = 2 cm
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