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MAGNETOSTATIC FIELD METER: HALL EFFECT MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR ESE 319: INTRODUCTION TO ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND WAVES DATE PROPOSED: DEC. 12, 2008 DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLICATION The rise of the technology in car industry and in household appliances had caused the need for effective magnetic field sensing. The magnetic field and current are closely related by laws of
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Electromagnetic Waves. The current sensing devices are essential to monitor and control power consumption. There are three major current sensing technologies had been developed: sense resistors, current transformers and Hall Effect sensors [2, p. 2]. Only two of them involve the influence of the magnetic field on the current sensing and one of them will be discussed in this paper. The sense resistor current sensing is simply uses the resistor, placed in series with the load, to detect the current. As the current passes through the resistor, there is a voltage drop across it by Ohm’s law. This method is used widely in detecting the current. However, as can be pictured, there is a need for interference with load, which can cause losses and errors in the measurements. Another disadvantage is the possibility of damaging the device when using the high power signal through the wire. The sense resistors also require additional circuits to generate a distinguishable signal [2, p.2]. The current transformer is the device to detect the current flowing through the primary winding. The primary winding will create a magnetic field and cause the alternating current to be induced in the secondary winding, which is proportional to the number of windings in the coil. The current is sensed induced in the secondary coil using the resistor. As mentioned earlier, the need for safe and efficient sensing had pushed for the development of the isolated detection. The idea proposed in this paper is the Hall Effect sensor, which is not only can be used to measure the current, but also the magnetostatic field. The magnetic field is measured in the area close to the conducting wire and not necessarily touching the measuring object, which creates isolation. The design of the sensor allows the dimensional and thermal optimization [2, p.1]. They are widely used in many applications of sensing and control not only when sensing the current and magnetic field but also devices such as keyboards.
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