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November 2009, Harbans Dhadwal I NTRODUCTION TO E LECTROMAGNETIC F IELDS AND W AVES ESE319 F ALL 2009 T ERM P APER G UIDELINES G OAL : The goal of the term paper assignment is to encourage students to explore the usage of electromagnetic waves and fields. Specifically, the students have to present a design analysis of an existing or proposed instrument/sensor that utilizes EM waves and/or fields within any frequency band. The emphasis is on developing ideas into concrete proposals, that is, translating a back-of-napkin concept into a white paper. D UE D ATE : December 11 2009. All reports must be submitted electronically with following filename format: Lastname_Firstinitial.ext [ for example, dhadwal_h.doc or dhadwal_h.pdf ]. In the subject field enter “Term Paper” F ORMAT : The paper should include the following sections: 1 Cover page 2 Brief description of the application 3 Design specification – what is the expected range of operation, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: 4 Design/analysis showing the link between the EM wavefields and the physical quantity being measured or detected. 5 Conclusion 6 References The cover page should include the project title, course details, name and ID of the student. The report (excluding the cover page) should be no more than five pages, inclusive of all figures and bibliography, with 1 inch margins, single line spaced and point size of 11. Papers generated by the cut and paste method will receive a zero. All figures must be drawn using appropriate software and equations must be created using an equation editor. The submitted report must represent students original work. Findings to the contrary will result in a zero for the assignment and the likelihood of the student being reported for academic dishonesty....
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