11-10-09 - HUI 239 11/10/2009 Lecture Emigration, until...

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HUI 239 11/10/2009 Lecture Emigration, until WWII, was generally to the Americas (North and South) o Argentina was a big attraction. Almost half of the population there is Italian. o Brazil, Venezuela, etc. After WWII, there was a quota in the United States for Italian immigrants. After WWII there was a large Italian emigration to Australia. We certainly cannot forget that there was a large force in emigration due to the invention of steamships . Many illiterate people needed a lot of help with emigration, and so they had to pay those that helped them before they could even start their lives in the New World. “Little Italies” in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco – large gatherings of Italian populations. The emergence of these areas had a huge impact of remolding the image of Italy in the United States. Americans saw Italy as a nation of high class and culture. All that changed when the young immigrants came. Between 1892 and 1912, there was a peak of about 900,000 emigrants per year, which took a big impact on the economy of Italy (state-wise and village-wise). Unfortunately for Italy, it lost the strongest and most able bodies to work in the economy (emigrants were male). In order to emigrate, you had to pass a physical examination. The view of emigration is changed by those who were left behind ( L’altro Figlio ). America was a big myth in popular culture (strong in oral tradition). They emigrated with the intentions of returning home after making some money. At the beginning of the 20
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11-10-09 - HUI 239 11/10/2009 Lecture Emigration, until...

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