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11-19-09 - DANTE LECTURE

11-19-09 - DANTE LECTURE - HUI 239 Lecture IMPORTANT...

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HUI 239 11/19/09 Lecture IMPORTANT LECTURE Survival at Auschwitz ( Si Questo un Huomo ) is the book being referred and compared to Dante’s Inferno Opening line points to the question as to whether or not pain and suffering leaves a human being with any humanity. Pain in the inferno is always fresh and young, and keeps coming. The idea of hell (and Dante’s version of it) has remained the same for a very long time; torture and execution. Torture and execution walk hand in hand, but are very different. Torture is usually done in private to try to get some sort of information out of someone. Execution was a public humiliation, and the good executioner will keep the victim alive as long as possible. Dante’s punishment is a constant humiliation and execution. The torments of purgatory are freely chosen and sought for by the penitents. It frees the soul of sin and opens the door to heaven.
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