Chapter 1 - Chapter I Italian Political System. Very good...

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Chapter I Italian Political System. Very good link: -1948, new constitution- based on pluralistic democracy-->economic rights, right to work BUT still high rate of unemployment, protection of ethnic and religious minorities - Political polarization - strong political identification because of fascism -Parliamentary Republic: what does it mean? - President of the Republic -- head of state (not of government): signs laws, may dissolve Parliament(authority to legislate, controls executive branch), elected by Parliament and 58 regional representatives. Seven year term. At least 50 years old. No Vice president. If president is temporarily incapacitated, president of senate takes over job. Although he is not head of government, it is important to realize he is not a "puppet". Nominates the President of Council of Ministers No veto power. However he May dissolve parliament, regional and municipal governments. Appoints five senators for life (this does not mean there are only 5 senators for life). At the end of his term s/he becomes senator for life Head of armed forces. Ratifies international treaties, promotes establishment of peaceful relations with other countries. Can also grant pardons. Plays important role as a mediator when a government is being formed following a cabinet crisis. - Executive Branch: Council of Ministers -Prime Minister -- (President of Council of Ministers) Nominated by President and approved by parliament.Most important person in government.Decided national policy. -picked by president of republic but must also receive vote of confidence from parliament. Cabinet of Ministers: Collective responsibility -Executive branch serves at the pleasure of Parliament. (Vote of no confidence: PM and his/her cabinet out).
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Seperation between legislative and Executive Branches -I n 1992,by initiative of DC, an attempt was made to start to correct one of the major absurdities
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Chapter 1 - Chapter I Italian Political System. Very good...

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