Chapter 3 - Chapter III TERRORISM Issues that we should...

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Chapter III TERRORISM Issues that we should raise while discussing Italian Terrorism: - The problem of defining a terrorist vs. a freedom fighter: How is this done in different countries, by different political forces and in different media? - Terrorism's relation to the nation-state: how terrorism can be seen as a reaction to nationalism and how it can express nationalist sentiment; how nation-states and national media respond to terrorism. - A comparison of the different reasons for terrorism, developments and reactions to terrorist activities, and cultural and political solutions for the phenomenon of terrorism in the three considered cases. - Media representations of marginalized groups: how the media construct terrorists and their ideologies as marginal; how terrorism is used by the media to construct a nationwide consensus in opposition to a terrorist movement; how terrorist movements attempt to utilize media outlets to publicize their viewpoints. - The problem of historiography: Given the highly charged debates about terrorism and the highly contested historical accounts of terrorist activity, how is it possible to create a valid historical account of terrorism in any country? - Domestic Terrorism Domestic: by the extreme Left and by the extreme Right - The Extreme Left: Why? Objectives? The Red Brigades: - Attacks made on symbols of the establishment: CEOs, University Professors, President of Banks; Politicians; Judges; Police The case that mobilized the nation: kidnapping of Aldo Moro, secretary of DC (1978) By the time General Dozier was kidnapped (1981), the Italian government was able to
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Chapter 3 - Chapter III TERRORISM Issues that we should...

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