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Chirag Patel Brad Wood 12/03/2009 Civil Right Movement After the Civil War, there were many questions arose regarding to slavery and slaves that were living in the South. “Civil Rights Movement referes to the reform movements in the United States aimed at outlawing racial discrimination against African Americans and restoring Suffrage in Southern states” (Wikipedia). Congress passed three main civil rights amendments in the American History which helped gain an identity and rights for African Americans who were considered their self or who were known as Slaves. Thirteenth Amendment ended slavery in 1865, Fourteenth Amendment gave African Americans to have the same rights as Whites in 1868, Fifteen Amendment allowed Blacks to vote in 1870. Even thogh Blacks gained these rights, after reading the articles by Nicholas Lemann on Colfax, Louisiana, I believe that they were still experiencing cruelty on in the South state like Louisiana. Lemann says “The Civil War was not yet ten years in the past. The Deep South was still in a raw
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