Chapter 11 PSTWITHOUT ANSWERS - EXSS 181 Dr Hedgpeth...

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EXSS 181 Dr Hedgpeth Chapter 11 PST 1. In general, most coaches state that their sport is at least what percentage mental? a. 20% b. 50% c. 80% d. 90% e. 25% 2. The importance of the mental side of sports a. is greatest for elite athletes b. is greatest for varsity athletes c. is greatest for recreational athletes d. does not differ based on skill level e. is greatest for young athletes 3. Which of the following explain(s) why players and coaches often neglect psychological skills training? a. lack of knowledge b. lack of time c. viewing psychological skills as unchangeable d. all of the above e. a and c 4. Which of the following is (are) FALSE concerning psychological skills training? a. PST is only for problem athletes. b. PST is for athletes of various abilities. c. PST will not provide quick solutions to problems. d. PST has developed a knowledge base using elite athletes. e. a and b 5. From a psychological perspective, the ultimate goal of psychological skills training is a. self-efficacy b. self-regulation c. self-esteem d. mental preparation e. self-concept 6. Results of a study focusing on successful versus unsuccessful athletes showed that more successful athletes are characterized by
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Chapter 11 PSTWITHOUT ANSWERS - EXSS 181 Dr Hedgpeth...

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