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Chapter 1 matching Directions: Read the descriptions, then select the lettered term that best matches each one. Use each term only once, although not all terms will be used. a. reductionistic f. cognitive-behavioral orientation b. internal validity g. systematic observation c. external validity h. intuition d. psychophysiological orientation i. shared public experience e. social-psychological orientation j. theory ______1. This orientation to sport and exercise psychology focuses on studying behavior by assuming that behavior is determined by both environment and thoughts, with thoughts and interpretation playing an especially important role. ______2. This term refers to the weakness of the scientific method in which a problem is reduced to smaller, manageable parts, which at times
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Unformatted text preview: results in diminishing the whole picture. ______3. When a coach starts one player over another because it “feels” right. ______4. This characteristic of science focuses on the extent to which the results of an investigation can be attributed to the treatment utilized, usually judged by scientists conformed to the rules of science and how systematic and controlled they were in conducting their investigation. _____5. A set of interrelated facts presenting a systematic view of some phenomenon in order to describe, explain, and predict its future occurrences. ______6. Scientists focusing on this orientation to the field assume that behavior is determined by a complex interaction of the environment and one’s personal makeup. 1...
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