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chapter 2 withoutanswersquiz - Hedgpeth EXSS 181 Chapter 2...

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Hedgpeth EXSS 181 Chapter 2 EXSS Spring 2010 1. Trait anxiety refers to _________ anxiety, whereas state anxiety refers to __________ anxiety. a. general; momentary b. momentary; general c. competitive; noncompetitive d. noncompetitive; competitive e. none of the above 2. A weakness in the psychodynamic approach is its a. sole focus on internal determinants of behavior b. lack of attention to the social environment c. sole focus on external determinants of behavior d. a and b e. b and c 3. Which of the following is not a subscale from the Athletic Coping Skills Inventory? a. concentration b. coachability c. goal setting d. imagery e. freedom from worry 4. Test anxiety is an example of a a. trait measure b. state measure c. situation-specific trait measure d. situation-specific state measure e. none of the above 5. Taking an intra-individual approach to psychological testing means that a. individuals are compared against population norms b. individuals are compared against how they usually score on a particular psychological inventory c. individuals are compared to norms for their age and gender d. individuals are compared based on objective and subjective assessments e. none of the above 6. Which of the following is (are) NOT a question(s) that a researcher using the interactional approach would ask? a. Will highly anxious athletes perform better than less anxious athletes in situations that are not stressful? b. Will extroverts perform better than introverts in a team situation? c. Will highly motivated people choose to participate in competitive situations? d. Will kids with high self-esteem prefer competitive sport situations to a greater degree i
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Hedgpeth EXSS 181 than kids with low self-esteem? e. a and c 7. The interactional approach assumes that a. situational and personal variables are codeterminants of behavior b. personality interacts with the psychological core to determine behavior c. highly aggressive people, for example, will usually react in an aggressive manner when
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chapter 2 withoutanswersquiz - Hedgpeth EXSS 181 Chapter 2...

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