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chapter 4arousal anxeitymatchingWITHOUT

chapter 4arousal anxeitymatchingWITHOUT - Chapter 4 Arousal...

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Chapter 4 Arousal, Stress, and Anxiety Matching Directions: Write the name of the most appropriate term in the space provided. Use each term only once. a. arousal g. cognitive state anxiety b. stress h. somatic state anxiety c. drive theory i. catastrophe model d. reversal theory j. zone of optimal functioning e. low self-esteem k. inverted-U hypothesis f. trait anxiety 1. importance placed on performance ____ 1. An acquired behavioral disposition that predisposes an individual to view a wide range of objectively nondangerous circumstances as psychologically threatening and to respond to these with disproportionate state anxiety. ____ 2. A major personal source of stress. ____ 3. Performance is determined by the complex interaction of arousal and cognitive state anxiety; under conditions of high cognitive state anxiety or worry, a drastic drop in performance occurs as arousal increases beyond an optimal level. ____4. This view contends th3t the more aroused a performer is, the better he or she performs.
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